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Lanjarón makes a Splash at Gulfood

Spanish natural mineral water Lanjarón is confident it will make a splash in the GCC market, according to president Jason Moore who was speaking to Catering News Middle East at Gulfood.

He spokes about a new product that he believes will revolutionise the water cooler scene in the UAE.

“At the moment the bottled water in the coolers in the UAE currently is mostly local bottled drinking water,” he said.

“We are going to be offering a Spanish natural drinking water for the water cooler that involves an innovative device which will connect our six li- tre bottle which is made out of 50% recycled plastic directly to the water cooler.”

Moore believes that Lan- jarón’s history will help make it a success in the Middle East.

“This is the oldest bottled water in Spain, it is from the highest mountain range in the mainland Spain and the second-highest in mainland Europe,” he said.

“Something that makes it different is it is from the region in Spain that has the highest life expectancy, they live to be very old.”

He adds that the introduction of Lanjarón to the market couldn’t be better timed given its unique link to the World Expo, the next edition of which famously takes place in Dubai in 2020.

“During the Expo in 1878 in Paris, Lanjarón won the silver medal for its healing properties,” he said.

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