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Journey of Our Water

natural park of sierra nevada
Lanjarón natural mineral water comes from Source Salud, a source which feeds itself with water that has filtered through the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. The water in Source Salud originates from the snowflakes and raindrops that many years ago fell on the highest peaks of Sierra Nevada. There are no major rivers that feed these mountains. Therefore the water in these mountains comes exclusively from the sky.
Snow, hail, and rain turn into water and filter through the rocks and interior layers in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains. During this journey, the water captures minerals from the rocks and gains its unique composition. Lanjarón Natural Mineral Water comes from the purest and most protected environment to keep you hydrated with minerals that your body needs.
The town of Lanjarón lies at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It is situated in a zone where two rock formations meet to form the Sierra Nevada. In the zone, you will find many springs with varying temperatures and mineral compositions.
Lanjarón natural mineral water comes from snowflakes and raindrops that fall on the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada, which are then filtered through the mountains and obtain a unique mineral composition.