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Our Commitment to Sustainability


In 2010, we began manufacturing bottles that are 100% recyclable. The 6.25 liter bottle was the first 100% recyclable material. Now, all materials used in our packaging are completely recyclable and can be used for industrial applications such as textiles, furniture, plumbing, glass containers, and paper.

It is very important that people living near the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada are aware of the natural richness of the area and be the first proponents of the area’s conservation. The main objective of the Monte del XXI Century project is to oversee the regeneration of the forest through the application of innovative tree sowing and planting techniques. This project used different land preparation practice to accommodate the growth of a wide range of species. The practices were developed jointly with the Department of Applied Ecology at the University of Granada, the Higher Council for Scientific Research, and the Center for Agricultural Research in the Department of Innovation.

In this project, we engage our partners by organizing a planting day in Sierra Nevada for workers and their families, and also for our consumers and customers. At Lanjarón, we like to take care of the mountain and environment in order to ensure the mountain’s preservation for years to come.

A Foundation Created To Care For All 

The Lanjarón Foundation was created 10 years ago to contribute to the economic and social development of Lanjarón. Its board members are composed of seven people voted in by the city of Lanjarón, the Aguas Font Vella y Lanjarón company, and the Lanjarón Irrigation Community. The board manages and allocates Foundation funds to projects suggested by its members during their regular meetings. The projects are chosen as per the objectives of the Foundation. Since then, the Lanjarón Foundation has been running projects for preserving the environment, educating about the culture of water, and aiding the local community in economic and social development.

Lanjarón has collaborated with various municipalities by constructing production plants to promote economic development of the regions and to improve the implementation of environmental policies.