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Minerals in Our Water

“Minerals are essential for our health because our body doesn’t produce them, but it does use them”



Illustration: Different types of springs that exist in Lanjarón

Not waters are equal, even though it seems like it. Our water’s origin and journey through the earth provides it with a mineral composition that makes it unique and different from other waters. Lanjaron natural mineral water journeys through the interior of the Sierra Nevada, capturing the minerals of the rocks in the path of the water. These minerals distinguish Lanjaron from other waters.

Without minerals, our body cannot properly function. The human body does not produce minerals but eliminates them every day. Minerals can be obtained through eating and drinking. Occasionally, we forget that natural mineral water contains a fixed, substantial quantity of minerals. We should remember to provide our bodies with essential minerals by drinking natural mineral water.  

Did you know?  

Carbonated natural mineral water collects more minerals from the Earth than still natural mineral water because of the carbonic acid.


What’s Inside?

Lanjarón still natural mineral water
What’s Inside?
Lanjarón Sparkling Natural Mineral Water