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Privileged Origin

The privileged origin of Lanjarón Natural Mineral Water

The purity of Lanjarón natural mineral water comes from its origin and a natural process that gives it excellent quality. This process is simply the preservation of each summit, each rock and each snowflake that melts little by little and filters through the earth acquiring its unique composition to become water in the heart of the Sierra Nevada.  



The Sierra Nevada Natural Area extends over the provinces of Granada and Almeria. Because of Sierra Nevada’s enormous diversity in landscape, it houses botanical richness of great value. This was considered by UNESCO in 1986 when the Sierra Nevada Natural Area was declared a Biosphere Reserve . A privileged place, it is also considered a Federal Natural Park.


This affection with which the environment and the ecosystem are preserved guarantees the purity of its waters, since they are not only from the highest peaks of the Iberian Peninsula, (Mulhacén 3,478 m - Veleta 3,396 m) but are also safe from human contact and pollution.


The origin of our water is a unique place, source of purity.      

Natural mineral waters have a protection perimeter established by law. This perimeter is usually the aquifer recharge zone where human, industrial and livestock activities are controlled as long as they do not affect the mineral mineral water in quantity or quality. But even more, some natural mineral waters, such as Lanjarón, have the exclusive protection of originating in a National Park such as Sierra Nevada.



Known throughout Spain, Sierra Nevada is one of the jewels that Mother Nature has given us. Sierra Nevada’s status as a National Park implies, among other things, that there are areas of the park where it is impossible to carry out any type of activity, and there are even areas whose access are only possible by foot. Lanjarón natural mineral water is one of the few waters that can be found nationwide with this double protection.

 At the foot of the Sierra Nevada is the town of Lanjarón, the origin of the name of our water. A town full of history where water has always been an important part of its development and culture. We believe Lanjarón roots from the arabic word Al Anhar (ألانهار) denoting the many rivers and springs of this beautiful mountainous region in Granada, Spain.  Lanjarón is the UAE's natural mineral water sourced and bottled in the historic mineral-rich lands of Al Andalus, Spain.  From the Arabs to Spain and back to the Arab world again.