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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Natural Mineral Water

Picture this: you’re extremely thirsty in the middle of the day, drenched in sweat from the sweltering heat and looking for a quick sip of water to quench your thirst. You pass by a QuickMart and you’re in the water aisle, completely befuddled by the variety of water you have to choose from. You impatiently pick a choice from the product selection and pay at the checkout because you’re too thirsty to care about what you’re drinking. After all, isn’t all water the same regardless? The plus side is that you’re no longer thirsty. The downside? Not all water is indeed the same and you just missed out on an opportunity to improve your health.

Unlike what one often prone to believe, water - depending on its source - is different, with each varying in its mineral composition, potential health benefits, and flavor. As its name suggests, natural mineral water is water bottled at its source from natural underground springs. It contains a myriad of minerals and other trace elements from the earth and can be quite beneficial in several essential minerals such as silica, calcium, and magnesium. The flip side is that most local bottled water is not natural mineral water, leading most to unconsciously miss out on the potential benefits and trace minerals contained in natural mineral water. Here are three reasons to actively include natural mineral water like Lanjaron into your diet:

1. Natural Mineral Water Contains Minerals That Other Types Of Water Don’t

Water is a universal solvent, meaning that it is capable of dissolving more substances than any other liquid. For water that travels through the earth, this implies that by the end of its journey, it ends up with dissolved beneficial trace elements/minerals and valuable microbes from the earth, which are essential in improving bone and hair strength and bettering one’s overall quality of life. 

However, most locally bottled water is desalinated, meaning that it has gone through the process of having all its salts and minerals stripped away. Though some minerals are added back later, the mineral composition ends up being lesser than natural mineral water that has dissolved minerals from the earth in it. Though desalinated water is not immediately harmful to the human body, it strips drinkers from the opportunity to benefit from unique trace elements that might not be added back to the water after the desalination process. 

One might wonder why this opportunity to benefit from minerals obtained from the earth is worthwhile, which brings us to the next reason.

2.  Your Stomach Would Thank You For Drinking Natural Mineral Water

Magnesium is a stool softener. It draws water into the intestines, acting as a natural laxative to stimulate bowel movement. It also softens stool making it easier to pass them. Some natural mineral water, like Lanjaron, is high in magnesium (a bottle of Lanjaron contains about 10mg/l of Magnesium). This indicates that drinking water like that helps improve digestion and bowel movement because the drinker is intaking fluids first and foremost and also benefiting from the effects of Magnesium on digestion.

For people who might be experiencing constipation/indigestion problems, increasing your water intake overall is always recommended by health professionals, though there is the added benefit of drinking natural mineral water.

3. You Should Be Drinking Water Balanced by the Earth

pH is the measure of how acidic or basic, (alkaline) water is, measured on a scale of 1 to 14 with 7 being neutral. A pH value below 7 is considered acidic while a pH value above 7 is basic(alkaline). Not all water has the same pH. For the most part, some bottled water is alkaline because of the demineralization process undertaken to make the water safe to drink. For most healthy people, drinking alkaline water is not necessarily life-threatening, but if one is experiencing chronic kidney disease or taking medication that affects kidney function, it is probably best to lay off alkaline water.  Research from the National Kidney Foundation of Hawaii asserts that elements in alkaline water elements could have negative side effects on the kidneys for individuals in the above-mentioned categories.

Though further research is also needed on this, some studies have proven that alkaline water, when drunk long-term, may reduce stomach acid, decrease absorption of vitamin B12, and disrupt proper digestion.  Medical advice from UCLA Health also elaborates that water with a higher pH can cause one’s skin to be itchy and irritated, which can be something to consider when choosing what type of water to drink

In comparison, natural mineral water has its pH perfectly balanced as it comes directly from the earth, provided that it comes from a pure source, like the springs of Al Andalus where Lanjaron is bottled. This means that the health concerns that one would normally need to stress about when considering whether to drink bottled (alkaline) water can be reduced if one chooses to drink natural mineral water from a trusted source.  Additionally, Lanjarón natural mineral water is tested constantly to ensure it is free from any harmful microbiology, which is an additional bonus.

Natural mineral water has numerous potential health benefits that can spur a long life and an even longer article, but just google the long life expectancy of the residents of  Lanjarón to learn more about that

Though locally bottled water is safe to drink, one could choose to drink natural mineral water for additional health benefits. Take this food for thought the next time you are faced with the choice of picking the most nutritional water on a hot summer day. 


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