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Our Story

Centuries ago, Arabs arrived in what was known as Al-Andalus and happened upon Lanjarón, an extraordinary oasis, blessed by mineral water that came from the snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Filtered by nature on its voyage from the icy peaks to the streams of Lanjarón, the water here is so pure, it was once considered medicinal.

Today, we bottle the water at its source, transport it chilled to preserve its quality, and deliver it straight to your door. In line with our vision of a sustainable future, our bottles are made from recycled plastic, and on delivery, we’ll collect your empty Lanjarón bottles, which will in turn be recycled into new bottles and textiles.

Lanjarón, with its distinctively superior taste and texture, arrives at your door completely unmarred in spite of its extraordinary journey; all the way from the historic Al-Andalus back to the Arab world again.