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How Easy Is It To Recycle With Lanjaron?



At Lanjaron Arabia, we care about the environment and are passionate about making the world a better place by reducing our carbon footprint one bottle at a time. 

In an active strive to do so, Lanjaron Arabia offers a pickup service for empty bottles which are dropped off at our partner company, DGrade, to be recycled into textile.

Through this partnership, collected Lanjaron bottles are heated and extruded into fiber and spun into recycled polyester yarn to create eco-friendly attire such as jerseys, corporate wear, and leisure wear. The technology to do so results in a creation process of recycled polyester yarn that produces 55% fewer carbon emissions, and consumes 50% less energy, and 20% less water than is used in the production of virgin polyester yarn.

This initiative as well as many others are the steps Lanjaron Arabia takes in protecting the environment. To learn more about our efforts towards ensuring a better planet, please visit the Sustainability section of our website.


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