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About Us


Natural Mineral Water

Lanjarón Arabia Distributors

We are the exclusive authorized distributor for Lanjarón pure natural mineral water in the GCC.


From a naturally protected reserve in the highest mountains in Al Andalus, Spain to become the Arab world’s favorite natural mineral water.

Lanjarón will become the healthy lifestyle choice natural mineral water for families living in Saudi, UAE, and the rest of the Middle East.



Through our commitment to long-standing pure values, including a strong commitment to the environment, and constant chilled protection from regional high temperatures, we distribute the finest natural mineral water within the Arab region and are committed to building lasting relationships with our customers.


Lanjarón Arabia Distributors Company Values 

  1. Honesty
  2. Teamwork
  3. Respect Costumers, Colleagues and Environment
  4. Positive Attitude
  5. Strong Two-Way Communication 
  6. Patience
  7. Generosity 
  8. Smile 

 What Makes Our Water Different

1. 100% natural mineral water straight from the earth to the 100% recycled bottle. 

2. Bottled in Lanjarón, Spain, a city known for its high life expectancy and fountain of youth.

3. Guaranteed 19 degrees chilled shipping, storage, and delivery. 100% protection from the UAE heat.