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Are You Using Safe Water In Your Bottle Feeding?

Infancy brings the joy of new life into the world as well as a desire for parents to give only the best to their newborns. For parents who breast-feed or bottle-feed their child, parents should be critical about the type of water that is ultimately going into their infants' bellies and ensure that their child is ingesting water with trusted quality and purity. Health sources such as the Mayo Clinic recognize this aspect of ensuring that infant formula is prepared safely by having parents be critical of the water supply that goes into liquid-concentrate or powdered formula. For obvious reasons, this could be to ensure that the water the baby is indirectly ingesting through formula is safe, including the Fluoride level.

The Spanish Pediatric Association backs this up with what health experts from the association have put up as the ideal composition of water that infants can consume (in combination with powdered formula). The ideal composition according to the association (provided as pictured data below) consists of 25 - 100 mg/l of Calcium, less than 25mg/l of Sodium, less than 0.3mg/l of Fluoride, and less than 25 mg/l of Nitrates in water source. For parents who are not able to test their water supply to determine if the mineral composition of water they are using in formula preparation fits the ideal composition, the Spanish Pediatric Association recommends using bottled water that falls within the ranges of the recommended ideal composition, such as Lanjaron. 

Lanjaron (which is bottled from natural springs in Spain and then shipped in BPA-free bottles to the UAE under a constantly controlled low 19C temperature) was approved by the Spanish Pediatric Association as water “suitable for preparation of baby bottles”. 

According to the most recent chemical analysis, the minerals in Lanjaron pure natural mineral water are the ideal composition: 25.9 mg/l of Calcium, 6.3 mg/l of Sodium, 0.2mg/l of Fluoride, and 5.3 mg/l of Nitrates. It is essential that the water used in baby formulas has the range of mineral composition advocated for by experts.  The recommended levels of Fluoride, for example, are good for preventing tooth decay in infants, but high levels of Fluoride in water used can cause mild to severe dental fluorosis. And the same applies for controlling the level of nitrates in formula water as high levels of nitrates in water can be dangerous for your baby.

For parents who are concerned about the quality of the water to be used in infant formula, we recommend giving Lanjaron a try for a happier baby and a worry-free bottle feeding process